Space Trash, Boomerang!

Installation View

Shrinking Machine (at the speed of light)

Shrinking Machine Detail

Surfin' to Pluto

Surfin' to Pluto Detail


Sputnik at Opening

Top of the World

Space Athens

Outta Here


Increasing Levels of Entropy

When Inertia Breaks

When Gravity Breaks

When the Sun Goes Out

Installation View

Space Garden

Space Garden Detail

Black Hole at the Center of Everything (with bird shit)

Out the Other Side of a Black Hole

Black Hole and Out the Other Side

Installation View

Artist Talk


Solo Exhibition at Recology San Francisco

Press Release:
What would happen if our trash was launched into space in a misguided attempt to rid the planet of waste, only to orbit and return to earth? This is the premise for the artwork Matthew Goldberg has made during his Recology residency. In sculpture, photography, collage, and installation, he explores trash as an extraterrestrial force—both familiar and foreign, from the past and seemingly also from the future. Says Goldberg, “The narrative is a fantasy—much like our perceptions of space and much like the general public’s perception of a ‘dump’ facility I have encountered when explaining this program.” Music is another outcome of his residency, which will be performed live by the appropriately named Sputnik (Goldberg and his brother) at the exhibition reception.


Recology Artist in Residence