MFA Show


SFAI Graduating Class of 2015


“The ceramics of Matthew Goldberg are something of a humorous conundrum for me. Meant to be both familiar, but also not, Goldberg’s amalgamation of forms from disparate sources really lead one to wonder what conclusion can ever really be made about the work. With each viewing we draw our own associations, which allows us to find our own conclusions in a new way. It’s almost like looking at surrealism in clay, with one work made up of a super-sized donut with lobster claws and tail reaching out from underneath it, making me recall canonical works from that movement.”
-Greg Flood, Examiner

“Matthew Goldberg’s ceramics combine sculpture with real-life objects — tennis balls and canned tomatoes, to name just two — in surreal and amusing tableaux.”
-Sarah Hotchkiss, KQED